Thursday, May 27, 2010

house of secrets

drive-by readings

Secret Avengers #1 (Marvel)
"Secret Histories, Part One"
Ed Brubaker
Mike Deodato
Rain Beredo
Dave Lanphear
Marko Djurdjevic (cover)

for a title or a team with the word 'Secret' attached to it, i don't see them being a secret for far too long. i know its Steve Rogers' version of a black ops team (and NOT having Wolverine in it, because, well, he's already part of one, and he's out in the open in the main Avengers team as their designated dirty-works guy), and the characters more or less operate in the fringes of the Marvel U as its their natural habitat, but i wager their missions would eventually come out in the open with explosive consequences. i mean, what if they found out things that puts them in conflict with other hero teams in the 616? will Steve go against Luke? against Thor? against Reed? he's walking a thin line here, top cop and all that.

but that's for the future. for now, let's enjoy what the fine gentlemen storytellers Brubaker and Deodato give us, and for sure the ride's gonna be a thrilling one. first off, who's on the team? i'm not surprised by the additions of Moon Knight ("Crescent Wrench" - hah!) or Nova (you need a space cadet - and i also want to see if Steve's comment - "what kind of operation do you think am running here?" in reference to covering for every scenario - blows up in his face eventually). i'm not put off by having Valkyrie in - if anything, it gives them some demi-god power sets (remember who took Ares down in that X-Men/Dark Avengers scrap?) and of course, eye candy. no, i'm surprised at the addition of Eric O'Grady - apparently no one bothered to take away the Ant-Man costume from him, not even Hank "I'm Scientist Supreme And You're Not" Pym - who's not been made to answer for his crimes. all you need to be absolved is join the T-Bolts, and accept any offer of Avengership from the first Captain America. so we can say he's no longer irredeemable. does Cassie know about this? oh, wait, it's a ... secret.

Black Widow? Valkyrie? sold!!!

so where does the team's first mission take them? i'm pumped because it involves ... the Serpent Crown! old-schoolers like me remember this piece in Avengers lore as the cause of that whole mind-control-Squadron-Supreme punchup back in Avengers vol. 1 #141-148. now it may not be exactly the Serpent Crown, or rather it may be another version of the Serpent Crown. and it also involves Mars (why else is Nova in this book?), and it also involves this guy:


ok, we know Nick Fury's been having Hydra trouble, and he claims S.H.I.E.L.D. was being subverted by Hydra all along. also, he's been revealed to be a critical piece of Hydra or Zodiac as well. this probably confirms it, but it causes much more confusion. its all in Bendis' and Hickman's heads, i guess. wait, can we assume that's Jake Fury/Scorpio?

we have another stellar issue from Mike Deodato, and really, the only thing that annoys me is his love for behind-the-back-downward-angle camera POVs with the characters all posing as action figures (puffed chest, wide stance, arms tense). i mean, come on!

having an idea of what Ed Brubaker is capable of (what? there really is a third Summers brother??), i won't be surprised if he shakes Avengers history to the core by the end of his run.

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