Saturday, May 29, 2010

snaps: X-Men - Blind Science

... where the X-Men Science Team goes off on an adventure on their own (but not of their own volition) due to a ticking bomb on an oil rig they're investigating. Dr. Nemesis steals every frikkin' scene, but in the end it was Dr. Kavita Rao who saves the day (Cecilia Reyes is probably gouging her own eyes right now). Hank McCoy who?


Dr. McCoy, I presume? (okay, i thought it was Forge)

this confirms it: Chinese restaurants use CAT MEAT!!! spread the word!!!

there should be an X-Club limited series, with lots of crotch-punching!

okay, one more Star Trek reference and you've exceeded your quota, Nemesis!

who needs Professor Xavier, when we have James Bradley?

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