Thursday, May 20, 2010

snaps: New Mutants #13

... where i missed it last week and thus totally missed the girlfight! and am not talking about the Hope/Dani throwdown. Donald Pierce makes his presence felt but despite his anticipation to go down fighting the X-Men, he lasts just a little bit longer than that bomb about to go off and kill off the X-nerds.

well, if you put it that way, no. you're the type who goes to brothels. wanna teleport to your favorite one right now?

Warlock's feeling ashamed for being responsible for all that javascript that puts drive-by viruses on your PC because you use Internet Explorer, dumbass.

"-- be mature and ready for a long-term commitment?"

oy, look who's taking a leadership tack! hey, Subby, are you going to blame Cyclops later?

the X-Men Science team, everybody!!!

here's a shout-out for John Tyler Christopher for the Heroic Age variant. awesome. it looks Greg Land-ish, but hereabouts, we likey Mr. Land.

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