Monday, May 3, 2010

snaps: Iron Man/Thor - FCBD

... where we find the two reconciled friends bonding, just like the old days. some rich folks want to be literally be above you peons, so they just upped and built McMansions on the moon, which of course runs counter to Thor's motto and Stark's new mantra. yep, that country mile is technically no longer a mile. just stop being a jerk once in a while, Tones.

hey, is that a dig on Obama? he's not socializing moon residency, ok?

i wonder if Amadeus Cho will be content with being #7.

oh, you're quoting your Asgardian pal now, are you? (as for me, i am intellectually embarrassed ...)

since when did Pepper get Pym Particle-d?

this is the only solution for fat cats and pigs in our society - send them away.

don't knock it. it comes in mead flavor as well as Asgardian beef.

of course you're not. you're from Oklahoma.

seriously, why would Tony be surprised Thor's talking through the vacuum of space? haven't been they around too long already?

also: how does Tony have the time to build these things?

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