Friday, May 14, 2010

aaaaaaaaaaand ... he's back.

drive-by readings

The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 (DC)
"Shadow on Stone"
Grant Morrison
Chris Sprouse
Karl Story
Jared Fletcher
Guy Major
Andy Kubert (cover)

now this is more like it. regardless of how shabby Bruce Wayne's exit was, circa Batman R.I.P./Final Crisis, Grant Morrison's follow-up, Batman & Robin, and now, The Return of Bruce Wayne, is kind of an atonement and are definitely must-reads. it must've looked silly when we all heard about Bats inhabiting different personas as he travels back in time. Cap'n Bat Sparrow? am down with that.

then again, without the preceding storylines, we wouldn't get this.

i like the way Morrison weaves in threads of the Batman mythos into the overall story, and am sure it will be a constant theme all throughout this six-issue series.

and now we know why he's in a cave.

"hey, where you at" may not be exactly what prehistoric tribes used to say in greeting, but it works somehow. Bruce finds a new family of sorts with the deer tribe, not realizing the impact they would play eventually on his destiny.

whatever era a Batman may find himself in, there will always be a Robin of some sort.

and since this is back in the day, who else would the resident bad guy be except Vandal Savage? Morrison's cheats a bit in that Bruce has his utility belt and has some gadgets to use. but is he changing time with all of these encounters?

am not too high on Chris Sprouse's art, because he reserves his best work for Tom Strong LOL. i mean, they had to plug his new series with this book. but hey, its a thrill ride. get onboard!

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