Friday, May 7, 2010

snaps: Avengers: The Origin #2

... where we continue the revamped Avengers' origin for the new kids on the block. Rick Jones' Teen Brigade sends out the call and they came answering: Thor, Iron Man, Wasp (the real one) and Ant-Man (now the gay ass Wasp and calling himself Earth's Scientist Supreme). the target of the manhunt is of course, the mizzandustood Hulk. the puppet master behind the scenes is of course, the same whackjob doing the same thing through the years, Thor's brother Loki. and that's as far as this issue goes, because any action that happens only Thor's addled mind.

no, Virginia, this was even before World War Hulk.

where Jan made her reputation. no wonder Hank Pym slapped her.

yes, thou shalt not mix thy metaphors, sly one!

Tony Stark's greatest fear, crushedinacanitis.

didn't white people use to say that about non-whites? bravo, Jan!

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