Thursday, May 27, 2010

annoy me, Internet media

"Mark Hamill Won't Voice The Joker Again After 'Batman: Arkham Asylum 2'"

"Robert Downey Jr. Will Not Reprise Tony Stark after Avengers 3"

"Sarah Jessica Parker May Sign Up for Sex and the City 5"

"Ah-Nuld May Go Back to Gym to Prepare for Predator 2020"

"Stallone Mulling Picking Up Pen From Floor to Write 3rd Expendables Film"

"Christian Bale Could Retire After 'Batman V: The Joker Lives!'"

"Alan Moore Might Write The Watchmen Sequel, Depending On a Number of Factors, Not The Least of Which are Full Creative Control, Big Budget Movie, Merchandising Percentage Profits, and 20 Million Dollars Upfront"

Fuck and You.

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