Thursday, June 18, 2009

please do not take these out of context

even though they're begging to.

the 2nd issue of Power Girl has Kara going toe-to-toe with the Ultra-Humanite (basically a supergenius brain who keeps transplanting himself into powerful bodies, after watching pro wrestling in the '90s). the way the layouts, dialogue and themes go ... is it just me, or is the whole thing some kind of sweaty, creepy, weird mating ritual?

the UH wants to put his brain in Karen's body, for the selfish purpose of near immortality of course. but that already smacks of gender bending and fetishism. male brain? female body? especially a wolf-whistle-inducing female body??

this is supposed to be a fun comic after all ... especially with the title character sporting a pair of humongous funbags assets. lots of sly references would be the norm, despite the title initials being "PG" but there's no such restrictions on the front cover.

yes, i may be reading too much into this. look at this shot:

for once, its the animal doling out the abuse. but the look on UH's face, and his proximity to the mountains ... lordy.

let's see some dialogue:

yes, yes, a sick monkey indeed. if you didn't know the UH's intentions, you'd think he was some kind of a jealous psycho stalker, the one that needs to be served a court order.

here's another: "surrender your body to me ..."

huh. a jilted lover, i suppose. man, these pages drip testosterone. or something.

the sweaty mating ritual continues. grappling, punching, kicking ... its like a masochistic dance. now we see UH behind PG. which is not a bad place to be (wink, wink).

and for the coup de grace ... a victorious UH, bracing himself with his arms over a prostate and beaten PG ... awww c'mon!!

but wait, there's more! how did UH get this way? of course he needs to have his origin story for new readers, because the old one kind of needed some Advil to go along with it. turns out he had a sexy diabolical assistant who introduced him to the ways of love ... WHEN HE WAS ALREADY IN A GORILLA BODY!!!!!!


trans/crossgenderism, rape, bestiality ... they're actually slipping one right by us. but what do i know? youse guys are the experts. and the much more mature. as in Victor.

one little tidbit: Adam Hughes signs his covers with "AH!", while Gene Ha signs his with "HA!" so if they do a cover jam, i expect it to be signed as "AH-HA!"

thank you, i'm here all week.

Power Girl #2


Jego said...

Pfsh. Gorillas have smaller dicks compared to humans. And they come in 15 seconds. I bet there was no second date.

Robert said...

Having read Palmiotta and Gray's very funny Daughters of the Dragon mini-series, I can confirm that they're definitely deliberate about innuendo, double entendres and general sauciness. So I think that what's being written is probably intentional.