Saturday, June 27, 2009

drive-by readings: Skaar Son of Hulk #12

Skaar Son of Hulk #12 (Marvel)
"Skaar: Son of Hulk"
Greg Pak
Ron Lim
Greg Adams
Elizabeth Breitweiser
Jeremy Eliopoulos
Ed McGuinness (cover)
booted out of his own book, i barely kept up where the hell the real green Hulk was. there was a Red Hulk (Rulk) running around and they fought a couple of times. then there was Skaar, his child with Caiera, now artificially-grown to manhood and ready to take on his dad. ho-hum. well, do you expect anything less than earth-shaking fistfights? of course not. maybe this could be World War SkaRulk! where is Norman Osborn in all of this? shouldn't he be laying the law down on these two?

maybe Hulk #600-601 would renew interest in the character, as the unbeatable partnership of Hercules and Amadeus Cho trumped their old pal on the popularity scale.

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