Thursday, June 25, 2009

drive-by readings: Amazing Spider-Man #598

Amazing Spider-Man #598 (Marvel)
"American Son, Part 4 of 5"
Joe Kelly
Paulo Siquiera
Marco Chechetto
Amilton Santos
Jeromy Cox
Chris Chuckry
Chris Eliopoulos
Phil Jimenez/Andy Lanning (cover)
gaaaaahhhhh! my eyes!! i need an industrial-strength eyeball washer after that ghastly cover. now i don't wanna be a daddy no more. damn you, Phil Jimenez!

last issue, we were made to understand that Norman Osborn shot Spider-Man (dressed as Venom) in the head, after getting caught infiltrating Avengers Tower. turns out here that the Venom costume as provided by Reed Richards is much tougher than most and saves Peter from another embarrassing unmasking (see: War, Civil). however, Osborn figures out the way to beat the unstable molecules based on Tony Stark's notes (the loser mandated the use of Oscorp technology post-Skrull Invasion, but here he is copping from StarkTech. tch. loser.). good thing Harry comes in to save the day ...

speaking of Harry ... well, what can i say? either he's the most unstable, unreliable dude in the world or he's just naive like its 1999. there's no room for any other characterization. somehow the revelation that that "Menacing" baby is not Harry's is thumbs up in my book, as Marvel puts the adult spin on these stories responsibly and not coyly like Ultimates 3. whether we can admit it or not, the Spidey brain-trust has slowly righted the ship (post-Mephisto deal).

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