Friday, June 19, 2009

drive-by readings: War of Kings: Ascension #3

War of Kings: Ascension #3 (Marvel)
"The End of All Things"
Dan Abnett
Andy Lanning
Wellinton Alves
Scott Hanna
Nelson Pereira
Guru eFX
Cory Petit
Brandon Peterson (cover)
holy crap, i didn't see that coming. yes, i may be a doofus, but screw you, this is my page. this is also why DnA have revitalized Marvel's cosmic titles in the last 3 years, and made for better entertainment than the crossovers happening in terra firma. deftly springing off from War of Kings #4, Chris Powell rightfully takes back the Darkhawk armor, but at the completely wrong time (you sly foxes, DnA!). so what's the point of gaining the advantage of knowledge over the Fraternity of Raptors (includes the ones from Toronto), when everyone thinks you're just a bully who shoots women for fun?

and hey, somebody answer this for me, as even Google is confused. is it Wellinton Alves or Wellington Alves?

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