Thursday, June 18, 2009

drive-by readings: Executive Assistant Iris #1

Executive Assistant Iris #1 (Aspen)
"Risky Business"
Dave Wohl
Brad Foxhoven
Eduardo Francisco
John Starr
Josh Reed
this title may suffer from too many syllables in the long run - can we call it "Ex-Ass Iris" instead? jokes aside, one of the last few properties co-created by the late Michael Turner has some promise. who wouldn't want your boombastic vava-voom personal secretary to be your personal bodyguard as well? (not to mention, your personal ... mmm-mmmm.) scripted by chicks-and-sharp-things writer Dave Wohl (Witchblade), this comic is practically selling itself to be a movie starring Zhang Ziyi. you saw that line of people beating down Mark Millar's door for Kick-Ass? c'mon, let's make it happen people!!

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