Sunday, June 21, 2009

drive-by readings: Invincible Iron Man #14

Invincible Iron Man #14 (Marvel)
"The Shape of the World These Days"
Matt Fraction
Salvador Larocca
Frank D'Armata
Joe Caramagna
Marc Silvestri/Joe Weems (cover)
Tony Stark has been reduced to a Road Runner being chased all over the world by the Coyote named Norman Osborn. its ultimately for informational, not gastronomical, reasons, as Osborn wants the data in Tony's head (and he don't have no stinkin' backup, smart man). Tony wants to wipe out the data, but he has two things going against him: (a) wiping that amount of data needs a lot of power and (b) doing so would make him dumb as a rock.

hey, i like his new look - military crewcut sans moustache (hello, ladies), which is why he almost gets punked by his old Russian frenemy the Crimson Dynamo. yes, Tony's in Russia to marry a nouveau riche petro-millionaire Russian cougar. no, he needs to get a Stark plant deep in the Siberian heartland to do his thing. little does he know Madame Masque is hot on his trail, and not because she thinks he's off philandering again.

lest we forget Tony's other flames (two of whom he's sent on errands), they're all here: newest one-night-stand Maria Hill, the Black Widow, and Pepper Potts, now armored up and reuniting with her boss (Matt Fraction still wants to turn Pepper into a superhero, after being turned into a semi-Oracle in The Order, then cyborg-ized early in this series).

and oh, Don Heck thanks you, Matt, for the tip of the hat.


Gloria said...

Darn it! I thought Pepper Potts was cleverer than this...

grifter said...

the loss of Happy (another thing we can blame Tony for) may have clouded her better judgment.

Robert said...

As someone who has never really liked Iron Man, I have to hand it to Matt Fraction for making me care about Tony Stark. I've been following this series avidly and think it's terrific.

Shame, though, that Maria Hill has ended up as just another notch on the Tony Stark bedpost. I must confess I was convinced she was gay...