Saturday, October 16, 2010

gotham gumshoe

drive-by readings

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 (DC)
Grant Morrison
Ryan Sook
Mick Gray
Pere Perez
Jose Villarubia
Jared Fletcher
Travis Lanham
Andy Kubert/Ryan Sook (covers)
what we learned: Bruce reappears in late 1920s Gotham as an amnesiac and is hired to play a detective in a movie, or actually investigate the death of his own mother. turns out the lady who hired him is probably his real mother and its all a ploy to sacrifice the 'man-bat' (oh hey there you are again, Dr Hurt or should i say Thomas Wayne).elsewhere/when, Red Robin prepares the JLA for Batman's arrival, which should blow them all out of existence.
oh shit moment: what's really up with the Waynes?
what's next: Batman 1000000 (or something) is back!

you know he's gonna say that at some point.

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