Thursday, October 28, 2010

brother grimm

drive-by readings

Fantastic Four #584 (Marvel)
"Three Part Two: Congratulations, Mr. Grimm. You're Handsome Again!"
Jonathan Hickman
Steve Epting
Paul Mounts
Rus Wooton
Alan Davis/Mark Farmer/Javier Rodriguez (cover)
what we learned: this title has been gathering steam and now its clicking on all cylinders, with Jonathan Hickman bringing all the previously-introduced elements slowly to bear. Sue takes charge to be an ambasadress for the Atlantean tribes (Angelina Jolie!), and Reed may be in trouble with the Surfer. for the best part, he also finds a way to revive the 'can we make Ben Grimm human again' record and get away with it, with him and Johnny painting the town red (hey, Stan!), tangling with a retooled Yancy Street Gang (that was a hoot), and having a tender moment with Alicia (aaaawwwww).
oh shit moment: uh ... Galactus?
what's next: always expect the Fantastic. Hickman brings the wow every month. someone also draw up divorce papers for the Richards couple.

hey, me too!

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