Saturday, October 16, 2010

blacker ops

drive-by readings
Uncanny X-Force #1 (Marvel)
"The Apocalypse Solution, Chapter One"
Rick Remender
Jerome Opeña
Dean White
Cory Petit
Esad Ribic (cover)
Clayton Crain/Rob Liefeld/J. Scott Campbell/Marko Djurdjevic (variants)
what we learned: X-Force just won't die. and though the previous hype for this new incarnation came across as cheesy, Rick Remender's take is fresh and his choice of characters and characterizations are on the money. the new team follows the money trail to a resurrected Apocalypse, and Archangel himself has made the decision to clearly kill the S.O.B. its also refreshing to see someone use Deadpool for his talents as a coldblooded wisecracking skilled killer that he is, and not simply as the premiere wisecracking raconteur of the MU. this is clearly the best work of Jerome Opeña's burgeoning career.
oh shit moment: gone are the days of simply killing human footsoldiers of the anti-mutant forces. Remender ups the ante and puts our heroes in real harm's way. i don't expect this original team to be still intact at the end (you could say the same thing about the past incarnations, but its probably the vibe of this new team).
what's next: the best time to kill Apocalypse is while he's a child.

no one explains how Warren lies down on his back.

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