Friday, October 15, 2010

mostly a good J Arthur

drive-by readings

Knight and Squire #1 (DC)
"For Six, Part One"
Paul Cornell
Jimmy Broxton
Guy Major
Steve Wands
Yanick Paquette/Michel Lacombe/Nathan Fairbairn (cover)
Billy Tucci/Hi-Fi (variant cover)
what we learned: England's Batman and Robin get their own book, and who better to chronicle their adventures but British writer Paul Cornell (i totally miss Captain Britain and MI:13). in this first issue, Knight and Squire whoop it up in their version of The Bar With No Name, only this bar is a DMZ for both heroes and villains (and quite a few arcane characters only a British writer can imagine in his sleep). even Wildcat stops by for a pint or two. everything's hunky dory until somebody starts a fire.
oh shit moment: you could hear a pin drop before everything breaks loose. and artist Jimmy Broxton loves himself too much.
what's next: more Britannia!

they lied! they still sacrifice virgins!

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