Friday, November 27, 2009

snaps: JLA #39

... where the barely-Justice League of America celebrates Black Friday with their dead friends.

1) no, i was thinking along the lines of Robocop and Six Million Dollar Man, but that's just me.

2) once a rapist, right? and why is he called "Curry"? isn't he "Arthur Light"? oh! oh! did somebody not perform his editorial duties??

3) Z has a creepy father. yeeechhh.

4) Paco Ramone, you have just been chosen to join Zombie Menudo!!!

5) Z has leprosy!! (these backward pronunciations are getting annoying)

James Robinson is going for shock. Mark Bagley's art seems shoddy compared to his Ultimate Spider-Man and even Thunderbolts days. too bad, because with this issue, JLA seemed to regain some traction it has been losing of late.

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