Thursday, October 1, 2009

showing the seeds

drive-by readings

Justice Society of America #31 (DC)
"Old Blood, New Blood, Spilled Blood: Bad Seed, Part 3"
Matthew Sturges
Bill Willingham
Jesus Merino
Allen Passalaqua
Rob Leigh
more mysteries, and the only thing that woke us up was ... oy! that would be telling. suffice it to say that the cockfight between Magog and Wildcat ended ... well, in an adult manner. ohhh, maturity! we're not sure yet why Stargirl is the target of the bad guys, and why this All-American (Wussy) Kid did what he did. there is a master villain waiting in the wings - and i sure hope to Kingdom Come it's not Amos Fortune, or Roulette. or the Key. wait, wrong Justice book. let me also just say Jess Merino draws an awesome Magog - who would not be scared stiff at the sight of this golden horned armored god? ok, moving along ...

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